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Americans since the introduction of the first cars have had a fascination for these rolling masses of steel on wheels. They have transported us, hauled our goods to market and became an integral part of our daily lives. Over the years it as become more and more popular to restore and modify vehicles of all kinds. Whether these vehicles are kept as the original or giving them fabulous paint jobs and metal work, they are works of art.

As such classic collector insurance is written to provide the coverage you need; like having your vehicle insured using an agreed value versus Actual Cash Value (ACV) or Stated Value, where coverage’s may be deprecated in the event of a claim.

You everyday car policy doesn’t cover your spar part or tools while the vehicle undergoes restoration. Companies differ as well, some offer Trip Interruption, Automobilia , for historic collectibles, special towing services and various use mileage plans. Also automatic coverage for newly acquired classic cars is 30 day in lieu of 14 in Florida.

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